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Will you help me share a story of tragedy turned into triumph? 

My new book will inspire you to add new tools to your leadership toolkit while helping those you love and those you lead.

I wrote this book to not only tell my story but to inspire others to turn their tragedies into triumphs through connective leadership with those they lead.

May I count on your support and ask you to purchase at least one copy of my book? 

Who Must Read This Book?

➖ If you lead successfully (or very effectively) but keep deep dark truths hidden in plain sight.

➖ If you lead people through their healing but put your own healing last.

➖ If you lead people and work so hard to help them find success while placing your own success last.

➖ If you’re looking for answers to make the world around you better.

➖ If you’re seeking to understand why what has happened to you can be used to better yourself and those around you this book is for you. 

Bonuses for You!

Purchase the book during the launch to unlock these incredible bonuses to shift yourself into a new space and revolutionize your leadership.

Bonus Level 1 - An investment in 1 book 
(print or Kindle) includes…

…a FREE bonus call with me The Power of Space - embracing healing, impact, and visionary power to unlock your true leader's potential.

This call will be on Tuesday 9/12/23 @ 7 pm EDT, the replay will be made available.

Bonus Level 2 - An investment of 10 copies or more 
(print or Kindle) includes…

… an exclusive invite to attend a special Space for Leadership 3 part group coaching series lead by me, complete with recordings for future reference.

This coaching series will be held Tuesdays 9/26, 10/3, and 10/10 @ 7 pm EDT, replays will be made available.

✅ Bonus Level 3 - An investment of 100 copies 
(print or kindle) gains access…

…to three sessions of one on one coaching with me. 

Limit of three only. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Book & Bonuses

What is The Space for Leadership About?

Every leader has a past. Some choose to let it dictate the leader they become. Others chose to ignore their past and it eats them alive. But leaders should use these experiences, even traumatic ones, to better themselves through this lived experience and convert this traumatic stress into growth as a focal point to improve themselves and become a stronger leader who provides a light and a space for others to gather around them. Through this effective leadership, the leader will heal those around them and within this space, they also heal themselves.

Why are there other authors?

I wanted each lesson to have an added perspective from someone I felt connected to so they could give their feedback. Additionally I felt with the theme it made sense. As a leader I'm creating space for others to shine by standing with me in the authorship of this book.

Is the book available in print and digital format?

Yes, it's available on Amazon via print or you can have it delivered digitally to your Kindle app.

How do I get the bonuses?

Sign up using the box above. Upon submission you’ll be sent an email with access to the bonus folder. 

Are there any other fees or costs to get the bonuses?

No, these are true value add bonuses thanking you for your support in purchasing my book on launch day. 

Will you sell or rent my information?

No. I hate when that happens. Your information stays with me. 

About the author, Jeff Giagnocavo*Jeff%20MCU%20low%20rez*png?alt=media&token=a9f81d63-361d-4409-aedd-382e6b607167

Jeff Giganocavo (Jah-Knock-ah-Vo) as you’ll learn in the book has an impactful and profound personal story, a story you’ll connect to within its pages. From age seven he understood the power of small business and the impact it has on those who own the business and the communities they live in.

After selling his first business at the age of 16 to buy a car he’s been on an epic entrepreneurial journey ever since and is now a sought out consultant for business owners who desperately want to do life and business on their terms.

Jeff does business in your bedroom. He co-owns Gardner’s Mattress & More, the region's premier better sleep store. For 13 years in a row they have been named a Reader’s Choice Winner - favorite place to buy a mattress.

He is fanatical about the 5-star experience and has gathered thousands of online and in-store 5-star reviews. His book Sleep Better has helped thousands of people wake up happy too.

As a driven entrepreneur, he has licensed both his own custom software and educational marketing materials to others in his industry and in other industries. On any given day his marketing ideas, tools and software are in use across more than 500 retail door fronts.

Jeff’s marketing skills and knowledge have been featured regularly in Forbes, Target Marketing, Dan Kennedy’s NO BS series of books & newsletters, Furniture Today, Sleep Savvy Magazine, Marketing Miracles, Predictable Profits Playbook, Lead the Field, Fox Business News, WGAL and Success Magazine.

Jeff’s passion for business is to unlock the potential of every business owner. Shift them into the investor seat in their business and unlock the true joy and reward of business ownership so they can truly do life and business on their terms and live what Jeff calls their very own Big Ticket Life.