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My presentation notes from the 2024 Bedding Conference

A story of AI - what’s in our control

I turned to ChatGPT to write my father-in-law’s obituary - nothing was there because largely online there is nothing out there about him. It is not meant to be a knock on him, just his generation, but it proves a point.

What is your impact, your legacy, your story what is the internet saying about you?

What story are you crafting for AI to tell about you?

Your digital Sovereignty? What is the house of knowledge you own and feed into AI? For the answers AI gives and directs, AI will replace search - search equals a buffet of options, AI equals the answer

Feed AI with

    • Social media posts

    • Blog posts

    • Articles

    • Podcasts

    • Website copy

    • Ad copy

    • Press Releases

    • YouTube Channels

    • Other social media channels

    • Anywhere your business or name is mentioned, this is feeding AI

The AI timeline

  • In late 2022 most viewed AI as Skynet, Terminator, something outside their realm, and yet it was a trigger point of interest - “...ok enough I’m in…”

    • Poke around with Chat GPT

  • Mid 2023 peak of expectations, inflated

    • Tons of “...they all knew they could, few said if they should...”

  • End of 2023 wallowing through the mud, wondering which way is next

  • Current - the exciting rise to the top (think excitement of a rollercoaster)

    • We can use AI provided we keep the human element within it

    • Our Mattress Retailer Toolkit Pocket Guides

      • 12-page base prompt

      • Debated word by word at times

  • As time goes on AI will increase productivity in a positive way

AI we are using inside of Gardner’s Mattress & More and Mattress Retailer Toolkit

Prompts in our voice, teaching our account about us

  • ChatGPT

  • Claude

    • Always good to reference at least two versions of AI for the answer

  • Descript

    • Transcribe

    • Viral moments

    • Eye adjustments on the final video

  • Opus AI

    • Pulling out the most viral moments, our audience finds interesting, by prompt

      • Not what we thought was important

      • Better lift in views of our reels and video posts

  • ScoreApp

    • Sleep Hacks 101 quiz

Other AI sites to know

ChatGPT - desktop and phone app, which is fun to explore with - alternate to ChatGPT

Opus.AI - reels editing, captions, names viral moments - AI predictive quizzes - chatbots - quiz, intention redirect - AI video - music

Adobe Firefly - images under $10 a month - 5 AI in one - voice creation, video, faceless video, avatars, writing

*Of note, I have family invested with Syllaby, I hold no interest and make no money on referrals*

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Other Examples of AI Derived & Fueled Marketing for Mattress Retailers

Our Sleep Better Pocket Guide Series. 

Also a foundational tool that comes included with membership in Mattress Retailer Toolkit.

Our Sleep Hacks 101 quiz funnel, is powered by ScoreApp.

I chose to override the AI "hallucinations" the questions ScoreApp suggested. The questions, content, and the PDF report through completion of the funnel were all prompted and derived using ChatGPT with my experience overlay. 

Click the image to take the quiz or scan the QR code with your phone.

Jeff Giagnocavo in action

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