My Favorite Mattress Picks

On this page I have a hand picked selection of my favorite mattresses. Now, these are my favorites, they may be your favorite. But I can work with you to help you find the right fit.

At times the right fit might mean I refer you out to my network across the nation. I license my mattress store marketing content across the nation and have great partners.

Other times I’ll be able to help you directly and have products shipped, delivered and set up in your home.

Feel free to reach out to me directly via Messenger, or phone/text 717-429-8289, or email

My Picks For Your Bedroom*LSMC%20low%20rez*png?alt=media&token=ac9d1efc-2ea8-47db-8daa-dee9cdc85905

Natural Sap Rubber Latex by Posh & Lavish

My favorite Less Snore, More Cuddle sleep system by Posh & Lavish. I have this system as pictured both at home and in my camp trailer.

9 - 15” of 100% natural sap rubber latex. These mattresses have that ooh and aah feeling. You’ll know what you’ve been missing once you have it at home, and miss your mattress when you travel.

Price range for a flat queen mattress set $3,000 to $9,500 for a our premier king Less Snore, More Cuddle system. 

Let’s discuss the sleep needs you and your partner have and we can find the mix of support and comfort for the both of you.

On Demand Air Support by Number Bed*71AA939A-5B71-4FB9-9D5F-87521D5B9B10*jpeg?alt=media&token=5c36ed04-99f6-4cf1-b90e-d4a035098de3

Number Bed, think Sleep Number, is a comfort on demand air support system. Available in traditional sizes twin, full, queen and king but also available in Less Snore, More Cuddle™ queen and king sizes too.

Support on demand and the cuddle zone, with easy to use technology - no more compromise, ever.

Number Bed has an advanced internal engine that surpasses the performance of other air supported options and simply works without the headaches you might have heard about.

Compared to Sleep Number you’ll save thousands model to model. The only thing you will sacrifice - which is Sleep Numbers strength - is integrated sleep tracking technology.

But, when you have a mattress that works you’ll know you’re sleeping well because you will feel it. And if you want enhanced tracking, simple apps in your phone will complement this sleep system nicely.

Prices range from $2,500 for a queen flat set to $9,199 for our best Less Snore, More Cuddle offering. 

Gel Memory Foam Less Snore, More Cuddle Sleep Systems*3439D336-92DD-4D5D-9645-BA4BED855698*jpeg?alt=media&token=a1a4f765-ef60-410c-a07a-24c2b406aa89
You’ve heard all about memory foam by now. Zero motion transfer, cradling comfort with cooling technology. 

Tremendous pressure relief for a wonderful sleep experience. If you’ve enjoyed a previous memory foam mattress and are simply looking to get a new one this is the way to go.

Available in all the usual sizes and in Less Snore, More Cuddle™ queen and king too.

Prices range from $999 for a queen mattress to $4,499 for our Less Snore, More Cuddle™ king size.

Other Popular Brands You May Consider, That I Can Order for You


For Your Short Term Rental Properties*F15F224D-2062-402B-ABA8-F89435F9217A*jpeg?alt=media&token=fe44853c-e7e1-4cc8-8764-bda4c4850a86

A unique mattress program designed with STR property owners in mind.

The Duo Hybrid mattress enables you to do the following…

Enchance your guest experience by offering them a choice of comfort at booking - firm or soft experience.

Two sided mattress, one side firm the other side soft.

Solve guest dissatisfaction if they don’t enjoy the comfort preference they selected.

Dark cover to hide accidents and stains. Of course mattress protection is highly recommended and available through me.

Double sided construction to extend the use of the mattress, and your investment.

Partner commissions when your customers purchase using your $200 discount code.

Ships to your door in a box for easy set up

No fiberglass in the mattress as is found with cheap online options.

Partner discounts begin at 25% off our retail price of $1,499

Other Short Term Rental Mattresses*047F55E7-8EFD-4637-8274-853217D7816A*jpeg?alt=media&token=64cc6973-0114-4516-bf6c-54844f68b552
Budget oriented mattresses available in firm or plush comfort in 10” and 12” profiles. Available in innerspring and memory foam support.

Also have bunkbed options in 8” profiles in both innerspring and memory foam support.

Metal platforms and risers to replace ugly and troublesome frames and boxsprings while increasing storage space under the bed for suitcases. Great for vacation rentals where head count is maximized.*B2F7DE66-1B83-4A0A-8653-77021352E1F1*jpeg?alt=media&token=fdaff30b-a992-49c1-a22f-8c9e5da03b3e*1544DD30-99BB-4C6E-9719-CE6296304C57*jpeg?alt=media&token=510935c2-4830-4d64-8d38-c641255e03f6*229B35B6-49AC-49D7-8309-8DCD74C3A7A9*jpeg?alt=media&token=f1c66191-10a6-4e4f-b154-e71fe5544281

Mattress Protectors For Guest Cleanliness and Mattress Investment Protection*3F5BA715-CE4A-4B70-B3A7-1DBD1C575F47*jpeg?alt=media&token=ef99d0b0-143d-4f21-9a6c-2f2171bc9c47*18E7AD4C-8052-4DCA-B26C-47364DF7D24C*jpeg?alt=media&token=352a1333-bf7b-4d4f-8f70-cc3dd0eca6e8